We are LudiCreations, and we make people happy using cardboard & wood.


The Great Library of Alexandria is on fire!

In this action-filled eurogame you need to manage your time well, rescue ancient treasures and interact with fellow Heroes to survive the disaster, all the while the library is collapsing around you!

Check out the campaign on Kickstarter, see what Rahdo thought of it, and even play it for free on Tabletopia!!


In a society in CRISIS, an underground mecha fighting league has been established.

Get your contraptions in the arena and fight it out for wealth and glory!

LudiCreations is a board game publishing studio based in Finland and present in Germany and the USA.

Together with an eclectic group of talented contributors from around the world, we want to bring people together by creating games with novel, sometimes uncommon themes and smart, exciting mechanisms.

We are looking for players who will not hesitate to use their imagination and creativity to build exciting new worlds, take unexpected adventures and live through compelling experiences around the game table.

So, pull up a chair and join us in our mission to turn wood and cardboard into joy!

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