What’s on The Table – Classics, History, and Cards

Not only do we make games here at LudiCreations, we also manage to play them as well. Here’s what’s we’re playing:

David T. spends most of his time roping people into testing [redacted] or its upcoming little brother, he is gushing over Roll for the Galaxy, which is he claims might be even better than the original (Race for the Galaxy). Aside from enjoying the gameplay, he likes that Roll for the Galaxy doesn’t require an hour-long teaching session players need to wrap their head around.

Harry-Pekka has been playing a lot of Historia as two players. He says it can feel samey from time to time but is still very addictive; there’s always that desire to make the game go more smoothly, play better, and ultimately win. He looks forward to playing it with more players and assumes it will be a global massacre. He’s also playing Formula D, which is the first real game his four year old is excited about playing. Harry-Pekka thinks it’s close enough to Mario Kart to get his son interested in board games. Plus, it has what Harry-Pekka considers the Action of our hobby: the roll of the die.

Iraklis has been focusing on more classic games such as Stone Age, 7 Wonders, Settlers of Catan, and Ticket to Ride. He’s busy setting up a new game group composed of digital game developers and says they need a “basic education” before they can learn to appreciate the huge variety in modern board gaming.

Kate always has time for Tash-Kalar, but when there isn’t much time, she’s playing Red7, Council of Verona, or Citadels. If she has a free afternoon, she’s playing Mage Knight. Over the next few weeks, she’s hoping to get Battlestar Galactica, Twilight Imperium 3, and Imperial Assault to the table.

Rhiannon has actually been able to make it to game nights two weekends in a row, so she’s been playing a mixture of games. 6 nimmt! has been getting a lot of love recently. Other card games that are getting attention are Foppen, Abluxxen, and Tichu. On the board game front, she’s played Mush! Mush!, Ra, and Russian Railroads. With her kids she’s playing Feuerdrachen and Holterdipolter.

Todd S. is also playing Historia, but Paperback and Darkest Night are making it to the table as well. He has two entries for the 2015 Solitaire Contest on BGG (The Court of Xiang Chi and Survival Tin), so he’s been spending a lot of time playtesting those.

Todd W. and Corrie have had a lot of new stuff hitting the table lately: Viticulture, Machi Koro, and Imperial Settlers are currently big hits at their house. This doesn’t mean they’re neglecting some of their old favorites. Sentinels of the Multiverse and Robinson Crusoe are being played a lot as well. Their son has also really been enjoying Hamsterrolle.

And, there you have it. What’s been on your table?