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What’s on the Table: Romans, Rhinos, and Railroads

Last month was a diverse moth of game playing goodness here at LudiCreations. These are the games people were playing.

David T.

I taught my non-gamer flatmates and assorted friends Glory To Rome, so that has been hitting the table surprisingly often. The big-game-hit of the month was clearly Hyperborea. It’s a euro-style deckbuilder (well, bagbuilder…) disguised as an almost-4x-area control. It’s tense, it has many different strategies, it’s brainburningly exciting, and it’s so beautiful that it puts most Ameritrash games to shame.


I have played Cthulhu Wars, which I think is a new type of collectible board game. It has extra maps and factions, which start to be thematically needed just to have the rich, beautifully presented Lovecraft universe on your table. Huge pricepoint of it all also targets new horizons of possibly cult like following. I will only need Yog Sothoth and then The Dreamlands maps anymore, possibly Azatoth too.

Super Rhino is a great family game, which literally hits the table often.

Istanbul is a classic and succes requires thinking a couple turns ahead, which is wonderfully built in the “leave and reuse left behind assistants” mechanic.


I mostly played with prototypes last month.

Apart from that, we set down with the house mates for 2 games of Pandemic. This was the first time we played the game. For me, it was more of an experiment because someone mentioned a mechanic from the game and I wasn’t familiar with it, and I wanted to see what happens if I let other people be the alpa-player – of course, we lost 🙂

On another day we played Keyflower. While I generally think it is not a bad game, it shouldn’t be played with 6 players and it is certainly not a game for everyone.


From Web of Power to Boom: Runaway, I played a lot of games this month. I played my first ever game of Liar’s Dice. I’m not great at bluffing games and I don’t really care to math things out, but it was lots of fun because of the people.

On the classic side of things, I played Tigris & Euphrates. It had been years since I played and man is that game brutal. My friend would say it’s because I kept attacking him, which is categorically untrue; we just wanted the same temples at the same time. 😉

New games I played and really enjoyed were Cacao, The Voyages of Marco Polo, and Arboretum. I like how the workers were actually printed on the tiles in Cacao, which makes their placement all the more important. Marco Polo had an Alien Frontiers-esque dice-placement thing going on that made me hesitant but the ability to manipulate dice and visit places other people have gone (although it’s super expensive) was nice. Arboretum was a seemingly simple card game that turned out to be thinky and good.

Todd S.

Yardmaster, Hanabi, Historia, Strife, and playtests of my new 2 person game battle line game – Diatomic.


What have you been playing?