Extra Life 2016

The LudiCreations team is participating in Extra Life 2016, working with other game fans to raise money for children’s hospitals. Read more about it below, and consider joining us!

Extra Life logo


Dear Gamers,

We have done well. We get to make games, basically a dream job, and get paid for it. Occasionally we release a good one.

But even when we are not doing so well, we can always count on the community, and we have proof of that.

At this year’s SPIEL in Essen we got robbed, and we felt really, really bad about it, until in the spirit of “the best revenge is doing well,” we started a campaign to make back some of what was lost: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ludicreations/steal-this-game/. The response was amazing, both from our fans and from so many more gamers that supported it, making it an incredible symbol of what the board gaming community can achieve.

So, when Flip The Table asked for games to auction for Extra Life, we said yes. Then, we offered everyone in the Flip The Table fundraising team a $20 coupon if they raised at least $20. But we knew we could do more. So we got to thinkin’, and we got to accountin’, and then we got to donatin’.

To encourage everyone to help out, we will match the first $500 donated via this Extra Life page to the Flip The Table team. Help us raise at least another $1000 for this worthy charity. All money raised will support Boston Children’s Hospital.

So if you want to be part of this great giving back project, join us and Flip The Table to make something evenĀ greater out of this, and maximize our impact together!

Thank you in advance,