Crisis Designer Diary Now Available

The final copies of Crisis are making their way to their new homes, and Frosted Games may have tucked something related into their Advent Calendar. We thought this would be a great time to share a designer diary by Sotiris Tsantilas and Pantelis Bouboulis, the designers of the game. In the diary, they describe some of the inspiration for the game and the history of its development.

As native Greeks living through a tumultuous economic crisis in their home country, the designers found ample inspiration for the event cards and other mechanisms in the game. Some version of their original company designs eventually made their way into the released game.

Old Crisis company card for Shipping 01

Here we see Sotiris conduction a game session with a prototype.

Playtest session for Crisis

Did you know that the game once had a hard science-fiction theme?

Cover art for sci-fi version of Crisis, Orion, Inc.

Read the entire designer diary at!

We hope you enjoy Crisis as much as we have!