Looking Ahead: Long Live the Queen dieselpunk edition

Last month, we took a look at Long Live the Queen, an upcoming game originally by Circle 3D6 of Japan. In addition to producing a game using the original Japanese art, LudiCreations will be creating a dieselpunk version of the game. We’ll be expanding the universe of Crisis by telling the story of two upstart crime bosses, fighting to control Axia’s criminal underworld. The Queen used to rule the syndicates with an iron fist, but her sudden death has left a power vacuum that others are eager to fill. Seize power and eliminate your enemies in this new version of the game!

Unique Characters

The dieselpunk edition of Long Live the Queen features new art from Anthony Cournoyer, the talented illustrator of Crisis. The original Japanese edition uses unique art for each character type, but the artwork is the same for both the black and white court, other than the princesses. The dieselpunk edition features unique art for characters in either gang.

For example, both the black and white Guard characters feature the same artwork in the original edition:

LLtQ Guard Black LLtQ Guard White

Here they are in the dieselpunk edition:

LLtQ Guard Dieselpunk BlackLLtQ Guard Dieselpunk White

New Dieselpunk Art

Here are some more samples of character art. You may notice some familiar faces.

LLtQ Entertainer Dieselpunk White LLtQ Assassin Dieselpunk BlackLLtQ Sniper Dieselpunk White

LLtQ Spy Dieselpunk WhiteLLtQ Recruit Female Dieselpunk BlackLLtQ Gambler Dieselpunk White

Looking Ahead

LudiCreations will launch a Kickstarter campaign for both versions of Long Live the Queen in early 2017. Use your Spy to line up a shot for your Sniper, or steal your opponent’s resources in a high-stakes gamble. Win or lose, you can play again in about fifteen minutes!