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LudiNews: 16 June 2017


IUNU is now offered in a combination pledge on Kickstarter, so you can now back both editions together – Deluxe and travel! Many backers asked for this option, and we decided that we will indeed be able to fit both games in one shipment. If you are new to the campaign, check it out here:

We are also now playtesting solo rules by Todd Sanders, and we will be updating the campaign when those are ready.

Indie Game Alliance

Ludicreations is upgrading its presence in the U.S.! We will be working closely in the future with the Indie Game Alliance, which will represent our games in the United States. This includes convention presence for games not previously distributed in the U.S. market. For information on the Indie Game Alliance, click here:

Long Live the Queen

Now that we have a better idea of how many additional copies we will need, we will soon be deciding the final print run. This means that Long Live the Queen will soon be entering production. If you missed the campaign and would like to receive the game, click here:

Steal This Game

By popular demand, the Print ‘n’ Play version of the Steal This Game is now available. For more, check out the campaign: