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LudiNews 15 December: Shipping (lots of) games!

Like we mentioned in our previous post, Spiel ’17 was busy busy busy, but we didn’t exactly go on holidays after the fair – we still had thousands of Kickstarter rewards and other orders to ship.

Fortunately all of that is behind us now and first backers have already received their games! Here are some of the stories, pictures and videos we shared with our backers about our ordeals when makings boxes for the games, packing the games in the boxes, labeling the boxes, shipping the boxes… All in all, lots of boxes!

So, this is what we wrote:


Greetings, LudiCrats!

We hope you are well, and as this year is drawing to a close, you have time to enjoy boardgaming with your friends and relatives.

This update contains information about our packing and shipping process. We’ve placed the more currently relevant information at the top, followed by photos and video of how fulfillment went, including our “crush tests”. Make sure to scroll down to see them!

We have been very busy in preparing packages and shipping games to you. It appears that some rewards were even delivered early, according to the comments and messages we received.

Well, first things first. Before we went to the warehouse, we sorted the locked-down address data by type of reward:

We had a few thousands of games to pack, and we needed boxes. So boxes we ordered (to a custom size designed to protect the game), and boxes we made, and boxes we dumped by the cartful in one long corridor:

Packing, oh such joy packing is! We packed, and packed, and packed, and packed, for days on end:


Sometimes we took a break to test our packing:

As we packed, we stacked the games in separate pallets according to their destination, and then stuck labels on them:

Then, we called up Deutsche Post / DHL, and asked them to kindly come and pick up a few thousand pieces of mail from us. And they did:

We also let our supporters know that we are so very grateful for their support. We are an indie company with limited distribution capabilities, and for a lot of the games we make, we could not make without them believing in us and the work that the game designers, illustrators, graphic designers, playtesters and many more put in, sometimes over a period of many years.

So, this is what we shared with them and now also with all of you reading our blog. We hope that the thousands of boxes will not come into your dreams like they did in ours – thanks for reading!