Comic Spotlight: Tiny Wooden Pieces

There’s an old Irish proverb: May your comics be funny and your games good. OK. Maybe that’s not old, Irish, or proverbic, but there is a couple in Ireland that marries comics and games better than I just did. They’re Colin O’Mahoney and Aileen Cudmore, the brains and hands behind the mostly board-game-based comic Tiny Wooden Pieces that […]

Conventions in 1-2-3

Convention season has started again in the United States. To be fair, I’m not sure that it ever ends here as it always seems like there is a convention of some size somewhere at all times. I just got back from Geekway, which is a little shindig in St. Louis, Missouri. Inspired by the amazing […]

spy header

Spy Another Day

When I was a child, my mother watched a lot of spy shows from her formative years. Her favorite was without a doubt The Avengers. It was this show (and shows like it) that shaped my vision of spies: classy British people who spoke in riddles. As a result, I need my spies to be witty and full […]

press your luck

Luck Be a Gamer: Press Your Luck Games

In case you don’t know what constitutes a press your luck game, here’s the BoardGameGeek glossary definition: “a game where players can repeatedly choose to perform a random event on their turn. They temporarily collect points each time, but usually receive nothing on the turn if an unfavorable event happens. They must voluntarily end their turn […]