The garden party has been redacted

[redacted] is a game of intrigue and espionage. Intel is located and retrieved. Players radio for extraction via helicopters, which can be blown up by their enemies. Probably. You see, at the beginning of [redacted], you have no idea where everybody’s loyalties lie. Adding to the confusion, encounters are double-blind, so only the two players involved […]

Comic Spotlight: Tiny Wooden Pieces

There’s an old Irish proverb: May your comics be funny and your games good. OK. Maybe that’s not old, Irish, or proverbic, but there is a couple in Ireland that marries comics and games better than I just did. They’re Colin O’Mahoney and Aileen Cudmore, the brains and hands behind the mostly board-game-based comic Tiny Wooden Pieces that […]

Conventions in 1-2-3

Convention season has started again in the United States. To be fair, I’m not sure that it ever ends here as it always seems like there is a convention of some size somewhere at all times. I just got back from Geekway, which is a little shindig in St. Louis, Missouri. Inspired by the amazing […]

spy header

Spy Another Day

When I was a child, my mother watched a lot of spy shows from her formative years. Her favorite was without a doubt The Avengers. It was this show (and shows like it) that shaped my vision of spies: classy British people who spoke in riddles. As a result, I need my spies to be witty and full […]

press your luck

Luck Be a Gamer: Press Your Luck Games

In case you don’t know what constitutes a press your luck game, here’s the BoardGameGeek glossary definition: “a game where players can repeatedly choose to perform a random event on their turn. They temporarily collect points each time, but usually receive nothing on the turn if an unfavorable event happens. They must voluntarily end their turn […]