LudiCreations has created 20+ games, drawing support from thousands of backers and building upon the expertise of nearly a dozen creatives in game design, illustration, graphic design, music composition, as well as post-campaign fulfillment and logistics.

Since the first game and campaign that experienced has been shared with fellow game publishers, growing and learning from our and each other’s mistakes. LudiBooster is the culmination of that process of learning, a suite of services designed to help creators build the best campaign they can.

We do not tell you what to do. We tell you what *we* would do in any given situation, provide you with examples from experience, and assist you in estimating costs and benefits for any given action. Setting pledge levels, a campaign goal, shipping fees, timelines are just some of the problems we have resolved for ourselves and for our clients.

Assisting with the creative process of building and editing a campaign page is something we have gone through a number of times, and continue to enjoy. Finally, we help prepare creators for the inevitable customer service issues that they will have to face almost immediately after a campaign is launched.

Please note that we prefer to work with fully developed projects, both in gameplay and in appearance. If this seems like a good description of your game, please feel free to contact us if you need help in successfully creating, managing & fulfilling your crowdfunding campaign.

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