Alexandria deluxe


The Deluxe edition of Alexandria. Millennia of knowledge are at risk! Save the treasures of the Great Library in this asymmetrical & unconventional game for 2-4 players.


Alexandria summary

Centuries before the first universities, the internet and the modern era of scientific discovery there was the Great Library of Alexandria.

Created to store the world’s knowledge, its scribes would copy every book found on every ship that entered Alexandria, and would go on to accumulate untold volumes of history, mathematics, geography, politics and more.

Unfortunately, it was not to last. It was destroyed during the many conquests of Alexandria, and all that knowledge was lost forever.

Alexandria items

We may never really know how it happened, but the compelling story of its destruction has inspired us to publish this unconventional game. Join us in retelling the story of the burning of the Great Library!

Designed by Babis Giannios (KUNE v LAKIA, Shadows over the Empire) and illustrated by Vincent Dutrait (Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island, T.I.M.E Stories, Lewis & Clark, Elysium) & Studio Asterman, Alexandria is a eurogame that takes 45-60 minutes to play, albeit a more unconventional one. With asymmetrical gameplay and a shrinking gameplay area, parts of the library are slowly consumed by fire as Heroes seek the treasures within it.

Each of the four Heroes in the game has a different reason for being in the library at the time, and each one has different skills and motivations.

Alexandria heroes

As they move through the randomly-generated layout of the library, the Heroes interact with what they find in the rooms, as well as with each other.

They position themselves to take advantage of the situation as it unfolds, and must manage their time wisely.

Alexandria time track

In so doing they may rescue books, items or persons and be rewarded with fame. Throughout the game they are confronted by their shared destiny, and this will lead to the dramatic end that defines the ultimate fate of the library.


  • Action point allowance
  • Modular board
  • Variable player powers
  • Hand management

Components (including 138 unique illustrations):

  • 4 tall standees
  • 4 large player boards
  • 20 unique room tiles
  • 110 unique cards
  • 1 time track
  • 80 furniture tiles
  • 5 fire & water tokens
  • 16 hero & time tokens
  • 56 VP tokens
  • 4 player screens
  • 139 custom-shaped wooden tokens

Alexandria is also available in a basic edition, which does not contain the custom-shaped wooden tokens.

Alexandria tiles and tokens

Additional information

Weight 1,7 kg
Dimensions 295 × 295 × 70 mm


Play time

30-45 min




You can download the rules here (right-click and save to your desktop for the best view):

English, paged
English, spread


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