CRISIS: Inventors


The Crisis has led to some very interesting inventions, as enterprising engineers must make do with what they have. Inspired by Diesel Demolition Derby, and part of the CRISIS universe.


CRISIS: The Inventors is a pair of promo tiles for CRISIS, our hit 2016 game. They are included in Diesel Demolition Derby, published in 2017.

Designed by Pantelis Bouboulis & Sotiris Tsantilas, and illustrated by Anthony Cournoyer, the Spies promo is developed by the same team that brought you CRISIS, and along with Diesel Demolition Derby, as well as the Dieselpunk edition of Long Live the Queen, it is part of the CRISIS universe.

Each of the two Inventors is an Engineer employee (+1 modifier) that is moonlighting as a Battlemekk designer for Axia’s underground Diesel Demolition Derby league. They have the ability to command their robotic creations to do their bidding and will not hesitate to do so.


At the beginning of the game, add the Inventor tiles to the bag of Employee tiles.


If you draw an Inventor tile when setting up for a new round, place it along with the other Employee tiles in one of the spaces of the 9. EMPLOYEES location. Immediately place the Robot Employee under the Inventor tile, removing it from the Temp Employee location, which is now unavailable. This still happens even if an event has made the Temp Employee unavailable. If the second Inventor is drawn in the same round, return its tile to the cloth bag and draw another Employee tile.

During the 3. PLANNING phase, a player can reserve an Inventor Employee just like any other, and claim it during the 4. OPERATIONS phase. When claimed, the player also takes the Robot tile and may keep it until the end of the round, as the normal rules allow. This may only happen once per Inventor tile.

When resolving 13. PRODUCTION, an Inventor may be used to fulfill a necessary Engineer position in a Company card.

Just like with other Engineers, an Inventor may also be used as a bonus Engineer Employee, adding +1 to any modifier that a Company card may have.

Additional information

Weight ,025 kg
Dimensions 155 × 110 × 2 mm


Play time

45-120 min




You can see the CRISIS: The Inventors rules in the main description page.

You can download the CRISIS rules here (right-click and save to your desktop for the best view):

English, paged.

English, spread.


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