CRISIS: The New Economy


An expansion for CRISIS, a gritty, dieselpunk-themed economic game for 1-5 players that love tough decisions as much as they appreciate quality custom components.

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Axia. A land with a glorious past, a most uncertain present, and an even more unpredictable future.

The goal in Crisis is to survive, and even thrive, in business while everything else is collapsing around you.

Set in a struggling nation rife with social unrest, a handful of industrialists see opportunity in the midst of economic crisis. Players send their managers to bail out struggling businesses, recruit employees, raise capital, and produce goods for export.

In the shifting market, players compete for foreign contracts or for some quick cash in the black market. Shady business tactics can win influence or grease the right palms, but too much corruption may lead to rioting. Do you have the cunning to profit from this crisis and defeat your rivals?

The New Economy Overview

Crisis: The New Economy is the first expansion for Crisis.

Despite the Crisis and an inefficient, bureaucratic government, Axia is still a place where small pockets of commercial innovation persist.

Local entrepreneurs are developing new technologies, while others find ways to benefit society and the environment. Many of those can be lucrative new opportunities for the right investor.

In Crisis: The New Economy these new opportunities are represented by 15 new Company cards. These are shuffled together and 5-8 of them are randomly chosen. Their equivalent replacements are then removed from the game, and Setup proceeds as in the base game.

The new Companies add more variability and replayability. They offer new avenues to money and VP as well as resources. The expansion also includes a variant for players that want a game with quicker access to the 5th Manager token.

Crisis: The New Economy - Company Evolution


Additional information

Weight 0,05 kg
Dimensions 120 × 80 × 5 mm


Play time

45-120 min




You can download the rules here (right-click and save to your desktop for the best view):





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