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A game about selling games – at Essen. Limited edition – for true board game geeks!

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A mini-expansion set for ESSEN.
In ESSEN, players are exhibitors who are trying to sell their games at a large board game fair in the well-known western German city of Essen. By placing their sellers, creating buzz, and managing their promotional efforts correctly, they can turn a profit and get board game geeks excited about their games. Each player board is themed as a certain type of game publisher (eurogames, ameritrash, war games, RPGs) with the reverse side showing other possibilities (abstract, children’s games, party games, LARP).

When playing with the ESSEN: Bonus tiles expansion set, players have one additional action during the Action phase. By placing their player token next to the bonus tiles, a player is allowed to either place a bonus disc on to a tile, or move one disc from one tile to another. If a disc is moved away away from a track, all progress made on that track is lost.

The bonus tiles are all intended for games with at least 3 players.

When the players are using one or two bonus tiles, use 1 bonus disc per player. When the players are using three or four bonus tiles, use 2 bonus discs per player.

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30-60 min




You can download the rules here:
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