Operation: Kindergarten


A kindergarten-themed, dice-placement, war/euro hybrid board game for 2-4 board gamers that appreciate high interaction and challenging tactical decisions.

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In the grim world of kindergarten, where juice is the fuel of chaos, where the playground is the ultimate arena, where the struggle against tantrums is real, the teachers, the guardians of order remain ever faithful, ready to jump in and take the ball away, if they have to.

While the situation in the battlefield appears calm, hostilities may break out at any moment. The yard remains rife with dangers, and the tribes of kindergardeners shall be unleashed upon each other any minute now.

Who will prevail in the ultimate battle between light and darkness, between order and chaos, between disinfectant and sharp objects?

In Operation: Kindergarten, the players are teachers that are trying to keep children safe, and return them to their classrooms – and they will not stop at anything to do so, including disrupting their fellow teachers’ routines.

Using a dice placement mechanism, the players direct the movement distance & direction of children, affect where the retiring head teacher will be inspecting next, and decide on their own movement and actions throughout the day.

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Additional information

Weight 1,9 kg
Dimensions 315 × 225 × 70 mm


Play time

45-60 min




You can download the rules here (right-click and save to your desktop for the best view):


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