Pocket Imperium: Mech Worlds


Promo tile for Pocket Imperium!


Pocket Imperium: Mech Worlds is a promo tile for Pocket Imperium, it adds more variety and a different way to take advantage of Expand and Explore actions.

Just before placing the 6 standard sector tiles around Tri-Prime, randomly select one to remove, and replace it with the Mech World sector tile. Complete the rest of game setup normally.

Yellow Mech Worlds
These systems have been completely taken over by self-replicating machines that will help whoever is controlling them to rapidly construct fleets. If, during the execution of an Expand action, a player adds one or more ships in a hex containing a yellow Mech World, 1 additional ship (if available) may be added. Yellow Mech Worlds have a system value of 0. This means that 0 points are scored for controlling them during the Exploit phase and only 1 ship may remain there at the end of a round.

Blue Mech Worlds
Endowed with life forms that thrive in the low-density atmosphere of these worlds, these systems and their launch facilities allow fleets that launch from them to rapidly reach deep space. If, during the execution of an Explore action, a player begins movement of a fleet from a blue Mech World, the fleet being moved may move 1 additional hex this turn.

Additional information

Weight 0,01 kg


Play time

30-45 min