We primarily ship via Deutsche Post / DHL from our warehouse in Essen, Germany. Some products may be shipped from our office in Turku, Finland. No tracking is possible in either case.

Some USA-bound orders may be shipped from our fulfillment partner in PA.

When placed, your order is marked as “On hold”. This means that we have not yet processed it, which can take up to 5 business days. When we have, it is marked as “Processing”.

When your order has been marked as “Complete”, it means that it has been shipped. Please allow a sufficient amount of time for it to arrive, especially for orders placed in the months of October, November and December.

Although we want happy customers, and we will make every effort possible to dispatch your order as soon as we can, we are not able to control the speed of delivery by the postal services, and can not guarantee any specific delivery date.

Due to past experiences, we do not ship to certain countries. To obtain our games, please visit your local game stores, or contact board game distribution providers in your country.

By placing an order you certify that you understand and agree the above policies.