On the Underground: Paris / New York

Designed by Sebastian Bleasdale. Illustrated by Viktor Csete

At long last, the follow-up standalone to Sebastian Bleasdale’s On the Underground is here!

Now with two new maps, both offering different degrees of complexity and interactivity, this clever route-building game & action selection game for 2-5 players takes about an hour to play.

In On the Underground you are called upon to create a functioning underground transit system! Manage the hectic New York subway, or the maze-like Paris Métro, and attract passengers to your routes to gain points and glory!

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So, You’ve Been Eaten!

Designed by Scott Almes. Illustrated by Kwanchai Moriya

In So, You’ve Been Eaten., a Miner collects crystals from inside the stomach of a giant space Beast, having been ingested as part of their devotion to intergalactic capitalism.

The Beast naturally attempts to digest the Miner, using Bacteria and Immune Responses, and trying to avoid the Miner’s use of tools and equipment.

So, You’ve Been Eaten. is a game for 0-2 players. TO LATE PLEDGE, CLICK HERE!

He’s back!

Mr. Cabbagehead’s Garden

If you are a discerning fan of gardening games with strangely terrifying anthropomorphic vegetables, look no further!

Todd Sanders’ clever card game for 1-2 players and their obsession with aesthetically pleasing competitive vegetable placement, back the campaign on Kickstarter!



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