LudiCreations Games 2015

Here at LudiCreations we’ve been preparing for a big 2015. There are several games we plan to publish this year: Pocket Imperium by David Mortimer; and …and then we held hands. by David Chircop & Yannick Massa.

Other upcoming LudiCreations games include: KUNE v LAKIA: A Chronicle Of A Royal Lapine Divorce Foretold, Operation Kindergarten, and [microfilms]. In addition, we have some upcoming expansions: [redacted]: Garden Party and at least one new map for Town Center. 

That’s what our year is looking like at the moment, and we couldn’t be more excited!

Pocket Imperium

David J. Mortimer | 2-4 Players | 10+ | 30-45 minutes 

Pocket Imperium is a 4X microgame where players are vying for control over the Imperium. Players carefully choose whether to expand their fleet, explore space, or exterminate their enemies. In order to sustain their ships, players will need to exploit the resources of planets and space they control. The player whose presence earns them the most points by the end of the game wins.


 …and then we held hands.

David Chircop & Yannick Massa | 2 players | 12+ | 30 minutes

…and then we held hands. is a two-player, cooperative game where players are trying to save their relationship. Through the management of emotion cards, players work together without communicating to meet their emotional objectives and navigate the depths of the relationship. If they are able to meet in the middle in perfect balance, they save their relationship.

KUNE v LAKIA: A Chronicle Of A Royal Lapine Divorce Foretold

Babis Giannios | 2 players | 12+ | 15-30 minutes

Kune v. Lakia is an asymmetrical, two-player deck building game about divorcing royal bunnies. Players are trying to influence relatives to join their court by bribing them with property cards. Plot cards are used to further subvert the efforts of their soon-to-be ex-bunny and may give one player the edge needed to gain the favor of a much-needed relative.


Operation Kindergarten

Harry-Pekka Kuusela

Operation Kinder Garten is a light wargame inspired by the chaos of getting kindergarteners back into the classroom on time after recess. Players roll dice to set the agenda for the day. Teachers try to herd their students back into the classroom all while avoiding the headmaster and preventing boo boos. The player who is able to get their students back to class on time wins.



David J. Mortimer & Dávid Turczi | 2-6 players | 12+ | 5 minutes per player

[microfilms] is a microgame set in the world of [redacted]. Using only 20-30 cards, players try to deduce each other’s alliances through the playing of cards. [microfilms] features some of the same mechanisms as [redacted], most notably the alliance letters from the three-player scenario and the double-blind interrogation. The first spy to collect the right item and the correct information wins.


[redacted]: Garden Party

Mihály Vincze, Dávid Turczi, & Katalin Nimmerfroh | 3-7 players | 12+ | 60-90 minutes

The Garden Party expansion adds several exciting new elements to [redacted]. There will be a fourth board with new rooms, including a second exit other than helicopters. It allows for a seventh player. There will be five new scenarios for 5, 6, and 7 players, including rules for 2v2v2. Finally, it includes a sixth mission when used with the Mercenaries expansion.


Town Center: Essen/SPIEL

Alban ViardVaries based on map | 12+ | 30 minutes

Essen is part of the Ruhr megalopolis, and is spread out over a larger area. Parking is hard to find, and therefore essential, in order to attract residents.

SPIEL is the premier annual boardgaming convention that takes place in Essen. Players compete to create the most valuable convention stands, and attract the most visitors to them.


Town Center: Turku / Beaune

Alban Viard | Varies based on map | 12+ | 30 minutes

Turku, Finland – the hometown of LudiCreations – is a vibrant port town on the Baltic Sea. It is crossed by a river that freezes in the winter, and allows for buildings on either side of it to be adjacent.

Beaune, France – the hometown of Alban Viard – is the beautiful wine capital of Burgundy. Surrounded by acres of vineyards and home to many wineries, there are no suburbs, and building in it is regulated, to keep the picturesque nature of the town.

That’s what our year looks like. Stay tuned for updates! Which upcoming LudiCreations games have you most excited?