CRISIS: Employees

In Crisis, players distribute managers to take out loans, engage in shady business deals, hire employees, or acquire companies.

Companies can produce goods, wealth, or even victory points, but they need employees to run them. Different specialists can make your companies more productive and efficient.

Double-Sided Tiles

Employee tiles are double-sided, featuring male and female art. Here we see two versions of a banker employee.

Female Banker

Female Banker Employee, Skill 1

Male Banker

Male Banker Employee, Skill 1

Employee Skill Levels

Some employees in Crisis are more skilled than others, and a few can even fulfill multiple roles. While any of these farmers can get an agribusiness going, some can squeeze out more production or fill in for a missing worker employee.

Male Farmer

Male Farmer Employee, Skill 1

Female Farmer

Female Farmer Employee, Skill 2

Female Worker/Farmer

Female Worker/Farmer Employee

Temporary Employees

There’s even a diesel-powered automaton that can fill in for any employee, at least until it breaks down. Robots may not be the best at every role, but they seem to make decent CEOs. Then again, the nation is in economic turmoil, so the bar isn’t set very high.

Temporary Employee

Diesel-Powered Automaton, Temporary Employee

Gameplay Overview

Crisis features these employees as tiles, and they can be moved from company to company as the need arises. While every company needs at least one employee just to run, they may have slots that allow additional employees to improve the company’s output. You can shift your workforce to focus on different types of resources each round.

We hope you enjoy the artwork and the flexibility provided by the employee mechanism. We’ll see examples of company tiles in a future update.

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