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CRISIS: Employees

In Crisis, players distribute managers to take out loans, engage in shady business deals, hire employees, or acquire companies. Companies can produce goods, wealth, or even victory points, but they need employees to run them. Different specialists can make your companies more productive and efficient. Double-Sided Tiles Employee tiles are double-sided, featuring male and female […]

CRISIS, A New LudiCreations Game

The employees at LudiCreations have been hard at work on something new. This engineer is putting the final touches on our next big-box game, CRISIS. Crisis is a gritty economic game of worker placement and resource management. The nation of Axia is in economic freefall, rife with social unrest, its glorious past nearly forgotten. Players […]

WIN Magazine Reviews Kune v Lakia

WIN: The Games Journal¬†reviewed Kune v Lakia: A Chronicle of a Royal Lapine Divorce Foretold, by Babis Giannios. They highly recommend this cute depiction of royal bunnies working through a contentious separation. Which rabbit noble will maintain a pawhold on the royal court? Take a look at what the reviewers had to say below.