Mr. Cabbagehead is Away and Neddance Saves the Day


A solitaire postcard game by Todd Sanders.


Mr. Cabbagehead is away on one of his holidays. Neddance has stayed behind to protect Mr. C’s garden from his annoying neighbours and to make sure they do not leave with any vegetables. But alas, for each neighbour she sends on their way, the others become even more determined to snatch a vegetable. Neddance is perfectly polite with all the neighbours but even she has a limit to her patience and only so many excuses she can divert them with.”

In Mr. Cabbagehead is Away and Neddance Saves the Day, you play the role of Neddance, trying to defend Mr. Cabbagehead’s garden from his ever-so-tiresome Neighbours.

To play the game you need to supply two dice and a standard deck of cards.

In order to win Neddance must send away each of the 8 Neighbours before her Patience reaches 0.

There are 3 phases in each round.

Phase 1: Neighbours Move Through The Garden.
Roll one die and the result is the total number of spaces one or more Neighbours will move towards Neddance.

Phase 2: Neighbours Now Pester Neddance, While She Tries To Maintain Her Composure.
Each Neighbour that reaches Neddance will Pester her in turn by rolling one die plus one more die for each Neighbour already sent away. Then Neddance must keep her Composure and send the Neighbour away by playing cards with higher total value, otherwise she loses Patience. If her Patience reaches 0 the game is lost.

After sending away certain Neighbours, Neddance gains confidence and can make more excuses in order to send the rest of the Neighbours away.

Phase 3: Neddance Is On The Move, Looking For Neighbours To Send Away.
If Neddance has less than 3 cards left, she regains all her discarded cards and then plays 1-3 cards in order to move.

At the end of each round Neddance’s Patience is decreased by one.


  • Dice Rolling
  • Hand Management
  • Point to Point Movement
  • Press Your Luck

Additional information

Weight ,009 kg
Dimensions 195 × 125 mm


Play time

15-20 min




You can download the rules here (right-click and save to your desktop for the best view):



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