Mr. Cabbagehead’s Garden


A charmingly eccentric card game about anthropomorphic vegetables for 1-2 players. #1 in the Sanders Select Series.

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Each year Vernon Cabbagehead, (Mr. Cabbagehead to his friends), wants to be left in peace to grow his award winning vegetable garden for the annual Garden Club contest. However, his tedious neighbours tend to interfere when he is away, and frequently drop by to help themselves to the garden produce. Can Mr. Cabbagehead create a beautiful garden and finally win the blue ribbon?


Mr. Cabbageheads Garden spread


InĀ Mr. Cabbagehead’s Garden, Vegetable cards are drafted and placed in the garden plot, a grid of six cards by three cards. Depending on which cards are selected, one of the tedious neighbours may interfere with the garden in a variety of ways.

Players must be careful in their choice of Vegetable to plant, its position in the garden, and in maintaining their supply of invaluable bees, which give Mr. Cabbagehead more flexibility in planting.

Once all cards have been drawn the game is over and the Garden Club committee visits to evaluate Mr. Cabbagehead’s Garden. The number and position of Vegetables matter and players must be creative in developing a garden that is both pleasing to the eye and plentiful in Vegetables.



Originally released in a Print & Play version with 4 Neighbours, the published deluxe edition of Mr. Cabbagehead adds more Neighbours, more variety in scoring, and a streamlined set of rules that includes a fixed garden plot grid variant. More importantly, the published version includes rules for 2 players.


  • Card Drafting
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Set Collection


  • 52 cards
  • 10 Neighbour tiles
  • 60 Neighbour tokens
  • 1 Eudora/Scoring tile
  • 1 Beehive/Player Aid tile
  • 6 Bee tokens
  • 1 Grasshopper tile
  • 4 Grasshopper tokens
  • 1 Romancing Eudora tile
  • 3 Romancing Eudora cards

Mr. Cabbagehead’s Garden is the #1 game in the Sanders Select Series of games, which are all designed & illustrated by Todd Sanders. Besides their clever mechanisms, they all also share a distinct style often described as minimalist, almost poetic.

Mr. Cabbagehead’s Garden is also available in a deluxe edition, which contains custom-shaped wooden bee tokens.


Additional information

Weight 0,41 kg
Dimensions 182 × 124 × 39 mm


Play time

15-20 min




You can download the rules here (right-click and save to your desktop for the best view):

English, paged

English, spread


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