Pocket Imperium: Prosperity


An expansion for Pocket Imperium. Quick gameplay, small size, minimalist visuals. Space 4X for 2-4 players in 30-45 minutes!

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Pocket Imperium: Prosperity adds yet another layer of strategy to Pocket Imperium’s minimalist gameplay. You must now guide your star empire to take advantage of changing new opportunities appearing across the galaxy.

At the beginning of the game, players set up to one Prosperity card per round face-down in a row, which represents the new opportunities and bounty available to those who dare seize them.

Each round of the game, the next round’s Prosperity card is revealed, allowing for players to plan to occupy specific systems, raise fleets or take over Tri-Prime, all of which reward the player with additional points.

Each card will also reward players with additional actions, depending on if they played a command card at a certain time in their turn, representing certain actions being more efficient due to market conditions.

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Playing time

30-45 min