[redacted]: Smoke Bomb


A promo item card for use in all [redacted] missions.



  • Shuffle up to two copies of Smoke Bomb into the items deck before drawing starting items, in any [redacted] mission.
  • If playing with 2 or more types of promo items (more coming in the future), shuffle all copies of all such items together and randomly (and secretly) add four of these cards to the items deck.



A passive player may use a Smoke Bomb to avoid an interaction.

When the active player enters a room, the passive player may play a Smoke Bomb before an interaction can happen.

These players may not have an interaction this turn, and the active player continues playing.

Note: The Smoke Bomb can only be played in the dark if the passive player also played Night Vision Goggles.

Additional information

Weight 0,01 kg


Playing time

45-90 min



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